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 Encode Guide

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Veteran Member
Veteran Member

Number of posts : 116
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PostSubject: Encode Guide   Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:24 pm

Someone asked me for the Encode Guide i wrote for the Movie,
so here is the 1:1 copy of my b2b forum post.

Crystall wrote:
Hi guys so here is the encode guide:

At First what u need is
Sony Vegas

After you installed all 3 items Start Sony Vegas ( i have installed 8, but its just a new interface, so the same for 7 ):

Step 1 :
When you started Vegas press first "File" -> "New" and type in as followed

Step 2 :
After that press enter, and use the "Explorer" Window which is located upstairs left side in Vegas 8, and
Downstairs left side in Vegas 7, and put the fraps material in the video line, one scene after on scene with a little break of propably 1 sec.

When you put all frapses in there with a little break before the next one starts, you can mark all by clicking two times in the Time Line.

Step 3 :
Than you can choose "File" -> "Render as" choose filetyp "Avi" and press than on "Custom" and choose the Default template "Default Template(Uncompressed)" and switch the "video rendering quality" from "Good" -> "Best"

It should look like this:

Than you can press ok, give your vid file a name and press "Save" or maybe in the english version "Render".
The Video file is uncompressed so it will be big ( i can only estimate and i think 100gb fraps=10gb avi file ),
and be sure you have something to do in reallife like sleeping, cuz it will take time Wink

VirtualDub - Step 1 :
Okay file Vegas closed, now open the programm VirtualDub and press "file" -> "Open video file"
and choose your file which you made with Vegas.

Step 2 :
We will do the 2nd pass method via "Xvid Codec".
at first you choose "Video" -> "Fast recompress"

Now you choose in the same Menue "Video" -> "Compression",
here you see all installed Codecs, and we choose "XviD mpeg-4 codec" and press the "Configure" button.

Step 3 :
Just enter everything as the screen shows:

Press at the Profile level the button "more..." and follow the screens:

Press enter and than the Zone Options:

Than Motion Options:

Other Options:

at the last screen, the number of threats must be 0 if you havent an multi processor, if you have one type in the number of your cores.
( i were not able to edit it, dunno why, so my friend did the screen for me. )

Everything others are the standart Configurations, dont edit them in anyway.
So you can accept now the options, and go this time on "Audio" -> "No Audio"
and than "File" -> "Save as Avi" than select your filename and press save, and the 1st pass is running.
Dont close the programm or something else after you did the 1st pass!
and by the way, you cant watch the 1st pass, cuz it is only an analyze file.

Okay after your 1st pass is ready, go in your Xvid Configurations again via "Video" -> "Compression" -> "Xvid mpeg-4 codec" -> "Configure"
and set it as follows:

The "Target Bitrate" is now everything, it decide over Quality!
Type in the field "5.200" not as in the screen 2.700.
If you have a to low pc, but you have much frapses type in "4.000" than it is okay.

MAKE SURE: that the button is called "Target Bitrate (kbps)" if you press it, it change to Target size, but this we dont wanna edit!
Your video file dont need any sound, so we dont need to set that.

Now press "file" -> "save as avi" enter the name, and we are finished Smile
(If you have much frapses and get an 1 gig file, you can simply Split it via WinRar, and upload the parts on Rapidshare )

Your Crystall
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PostSubject: Re: Encode Guide   Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:25 pm

ty a lot
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PostSubject: Re: Encode Guide   Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:38 am

ahm cant read nothing there scratch
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Veteran Member
Veteran Member

Number of posts : 116
Age : 26
Localisation : Germany - NRW
Registration date : 2008-10-30

PostSubject: Re: Encode Guide   Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:01 pm

Everythings there lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Encode Guide   

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Encode Guide
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